In the Press

“Dean Tintle, DVM of Wurtsboro Veterinary Clinic in Wurtsboro, New York explains, the way I understand it, we can use or not use the TVC vendors as we choose. If we feel that another vendor or product is better for our patients and clients either financially or medically, we will use that vendor and recommend that product to TVC so everyone can benefit. TVC is a no brainer. I think every independent veterinary practice should join. ABC

“TVC will also develop tools that members can use to improve their pricing decisions and automatically update their practice management systems. Each veterinary practice will still make its own independent decisions, but will be armed with better tools and information.”

“Members have already reaped significant savings. For instance, County Animal Clinic, in Coldwater, Ohio, has saved 37.5% on its merchant credit card program.DVM 360

“If you are a small vet clinic, you need a program like TVC to survive: You don’t have the sales volume, skills, staff, or time to negotiate on your own, explains Scott Carlin, who owns APC Veterinary Clinic in Tulsa, OK.” CBS Money Watch

“The cooperative will finance its operations by re-deeming rebates from the companies from which it purchases goods” Veterinary Practice News and see this newer article Veterinary Practice News

“A co-op is different, for a number of reasons. Co-ops are owned and controlled by their members. Their boards of directors are comprised of members.”Veterinary Advantage