In addition to what you get now

TVC works with manufactures, distributors and suppliers to obtain exclusive favorable pricing and rebates for our members. TVC rebates are always in addition to rebates you may receive now. Our special pricing is almost always better then what you have now, but if it is not, you can keep the pricing you have now.

Purchasing Savings: $10,000- $30,000 a year. What will you save?

  • Reference Laboratory Service
  • In-house Consumables
  • Flea and Tick Products
  • Pharmaceuticals Medical Supplies
  • Compounding Pharmacy
  • Business Insurance
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Pet Food
  • Credit Card Services
  • Dosimetry Badges
  • Telephone Services: Verizon/Sprint
  • Office Depot

Our goal is to eventually have a program on most anything your clinic purchases

This is typical example of what we are able to save TVC members:


“I joined TVC a year ago and hoped I’d save some money. I did not expect the rebate check that arrived last week. I actually called TVC to make sure this was for real! This year I am going to use TVC even more as I now have proof that the savings are significant and this really works! Thanks TVC!

-Helen Green, DVM
Owner, Mission Valley Pet Clinic, San Diego, CA