Tara Arnold

Financial Experience Representative

C360_2015-08-12-18-33-22-875Tara Arnold is a Financial Experience Representative at The Veterinary Cooperative. She is a graduate of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she studied Chemistry and English Literature. Upon graduating, Tara returned to her native Chicago, where she began working for an independent dog grooming business. Somewhere in between all of the soapy excited dogs and her coworkers who loved and cared for them, Tara learned all about the unique joys of working for an independent animal care business, but also the unique struggles those independent businesses face. She is thrilled to be working for TVC, where she can help keep independent veterinarians and their clinics afloat and competitive in a climate that often seems to be working against them. Before landing at TVC, Tara worked in Logistics, at a small third-party brokerage specializing in domestic trucking. She learned about negotiating with carriers large and small to obtain fair pricing and excellent service for customers, and she is excited to apply and build on those skills in her work at TVC.


In her free time, Tara is an avid reader, and is at work on some literary projects of her own. She has also developed a habit of gardening. Except in her time in college, Tara has always lived with at least one cat. Her current animal friend is an adventurous and occasionally clumsy tuxedo cat named Jasper, who picked her when she visited a local shelter.


 Tara Is based out of Chicago IL