The Sara Grogman/Glencoe Animal Hospital Rescue Animal Fund

$5,000 Available to Cover Veterinary Costs Associated with Rescue Animals

TVC has made a donation to Veterinary Care Foundation specifically for use by TVC member/owners in the Hurricane affected areas.  TVC members in this area can request funds for Clients pets brought into their practice where the client may not be able to afford treatment due to the extra financial burden the hurricane has had on the region.  TVC member/owners can make as many requests as they wish for $50 or more up to $300 per clinic until the funds run out.  You must submit the veterinary bill, client name and address and reason why this donation is requested.

The Sarah Grogman/Glencoe Animal Hospital Rescue Fund was donated by Rich and Allison Morris, and was inspired by the great work done on Rescue Animals by TVC member Sarah Grogman, owner of the Glencoe Animal Hospital.

This article, written by the Chicago Tribune, describes the horrid situation these animals were found in and highlights the care that was needed after this discovery.

All current TVC members are eligible to apply for these funds to help cover veterinary costs associated with rescue animals. Login to learn how to apply.

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