TVC Video Contest

TVC is putting together a promotional video about being a TVC owner and we would like to feature you!  Only the first 50 submissions will be eligible for the prizes listed below, so act today!


Why would you want to participate?

  1. Because you are passionate about your TVC ownership and would like to help grow your coop.
  2. Everyone who submits a video clip will get 1 extra bonus point to take you one point closer to the 21 point goal to share in on the participation rebate/TVC profits at the end of the year.
  3. The first 50 who submit a video will get $100 added to your April rebate check.
  4. BONUS: If we use any portion of your submission in our final video(s), you will also get a guaranteed equal share of the TVC Participation Rebate no matter what your end of year point total is last year this check was over $1200! (Want to know more about the TVC participation rebate? Click here)


Here is more information and an example!




To submit your participation, please do the following:

  • Pull out your smart phone to record up to a 2-minute video
  • In the video, please state your name, hospital name, owner number like “I’m Dr. Morris at Morris Animal hospital, TVC owner 101…”
  • Then please tell us one or all of the following:
    • Why you joined TVC
    • What you like best about TVC
    • Why others should join TVC
    • How big are your savings with TVC
    • What vendor(s) do you save the most with at TVC
    • What is your favorite vendor at TVC
    • Anything creative you would also like to add!
  • End the video by stating the phrase: “My practice thrives with TVC!”
  • Also if you would like to submit a still image of your clinic please use the same form below.

Please send your video submission by using and send it to [email protected]!